MAKE/SPACE Architecture and making course

Takt have delivered a course in architecture and making at the Rift School in Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands. This pilot program was designed for an innovative homeschool organisation which emphasises creativity and collaboration in order to inspire and motivate high school age students.

The course touched on architectural history, the origins of shelter, Modernist classics and contemporary practice. Exercises in understanding the senses as they are engaged by architecture, reading the landscape, site analysis, making pencil drawings and design models were shared. All to develop an appreciation of critical design thinking.

A hands on approach was emphasised, with learning through making the key concept from simple shelter for outdoor teachings, through to construction site safety and management

The students developed a concept design for an outdoor cinema space and then moved into construction of an event space for the screening of a short film they had made in another part of their course. A great experience by all reports and inspiring to discover how much creative energy of a few students can achieve with limited resources.

The courses are planned to extend into 2014 – for enquiries contact Takt and we will pass on contact details of the people behind this inspired learning concept.


Excercise : Site analysis, site selection, platform and roof, essentials of shelter.
R01 Shelter

Exercise : One line one breath, making of a line, deliberate slowness.
R02 Drawing

Exercise : Plan and Section drawing, human scale, drawings with life.
R03 Design
Exercise : Model making, the working model, group design dynamics. R04 Model


Exercise : Structures – Understanding the connection between structure and ground, touching the earth lightly (or not), creating instability to find stability.
R05 Touch the Earth Lightly

Making : Safety, tool awareness, marking up, individual tasks in a group outcome, prototyping prior production.R06 Helping
Completed structure prior lighting and fitout, reflected in the pond. Using the existing landscape to provide platform, a bush wall and a ceiling of canopy and sky. R07 Reflection
Performance nightR08 Opening Night

Waiting for nightfall, introduction to the short film, popcorn in hand, set to a chorus of the dusk bush life.R09 Thanks






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