The building process is multifaceted. It all needs to come together in the final product to give you the best possible outcome. Pulling it all together – size, form, financials, poetry, timing, materials, council, consultants, contractors (to name a few) – is a complicated task. Takt simplify this process. You will have a singular point of contact from idea to completion, and a guiding hand throughout while building your dream.

Our services range from inception to ongoing project management for all building types. We can assist throughout the following stages depending on your requirements.

  • Pre-Purchase Advice | Site Assessment

    If you are considering purchasing a property or developing one you own, a site assessment will be invaluable. We will visit your site, undertake research for you and provide a detailed property report outlining site constraints, council guidelines, zoning, particularities to the site, possible development opportunities such as dual occupancy and subdivision and more. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

  • Concept Design

    We will collect and collate information from you and help you define your requirements, dreams and constraints.


    • obtain the client design brief and other requirements
    • arrange, attend and record meetings with the client
    • provide recommendations for the appointment of other specialist consultants as required, including their fees
    • attend the site and assess site conditions and constraints
    • make initial inquiries regarding authority regulations and requirements
    • review the project budget


    • arrange, attend and record meetings with the client, authorities, other consultants and other relevant parties
    • undertake preliminary assessment of authority regulations and requirements
    • prepare sketches, diagrams and other information to adequately explain the concept
    • prepare design briefs for other consultants
    • coordinate preparation of a preliminary estimate of the Cost of Works
    • undertake preliminary selection of materials and finishes


    • obtain the client’s approval of the design concept
    • obtain the client’s approval to proceed with Design Development
    • obtain the client’s approval to prepare the Town Planning/Development Application, where required
  • Developed Design

    The concept design will be developed with your input and feedback, to custom fit the design solution to your requirements.

    • develop the approved Design Concept and present documents and other information to adequately explain the developed design
    • arrange, attend and record meetings with the client, authorities, other consultants and other relevant parties
    • coordinate the work of other specialist consultants
    • provide schedule of proposed materials and finishes
    • review the developed design against the budget and coordinate the preparation of an updated estimate of the Cost of Works


    • obtain the client’s approval of the developed design
    • obtain the client’s approval to submit Town Planning/Development Application, where required
    • obtain the client’s approval to proceed with Construction Documentation
  • Development Application | Complying Development Certificates

    The relevant document set will be prepared to give you the smoothest path possible to Council approval.

    • confirm statutory authority requirements
    • attend pre-application meetings with relevant authorities prior to submission of formal application
    • prepare application, including plans, diagrams, analyses, studies, reports and other information for the submission
    • assist the client in coordinating required specialist consultants
    • assist the client with lodging formal application
  • Construction Documentation

    The building will be documented to enable costing and construction.


    • arrange, attend and record meetings with the client
    • coordinate and integrate the work of other specialist consultants
    • prepare drawings including plans, elevations and sections, together with other details and schedules to enable statutory approval to construct the project
    • prepare specifications in accordance with the drawings and the client’s requirements describing the quality of materials, finishes and quality of work necessary to obtain statutory approval
    • submit required documents for statutory approval
    • prepare further drawings, specifications and schedules to enable the construction of the project
    • coordinate the preparation of a pre-tender estimate of the Cost of Works
    • provide recommendations to the client on the preferred method of building contractor selection


    • obtain client approval to submit for statutory approval
    • obtain client approval of all construction documents
    • obtain client approval to proceed with Contractor Selection
  • Contractor Selection

    Takt assist in finding the best fit builder for your needs.

    Below are two most usual methods for the selection of a building contractor:


    • assist client in determining the preferred tender process
    • prepare tender documents and issue to all tenderers
    • respond to inquiries from tenderers
    • receive and open the tenders
    • together with the cost consultant, if any, assess the tenders
    • negotiate with the preferred tenderer if required to obtain an offer acceptable to the client
    • prepare reports on tenders and recommendation for client acceptance, or

    Negotiated Offer

    • assist client in determining the preferred negotiation process
    • issue relevant documents to the prospective contractor to describe the scope of the works
    • arrange and coordinate negotiations and enquiries with the prospective contractor
    • together with the cost consultant, if any, assess all submissions from the prospective contractor required to establish the contract price and final project scope
    • prepare report and provide recommendations for client acceptance


    • obtain client approval to prepare the contract documents
  • Contract Admin

    Takt will manage the building process on site until completion and beyond, to ensure you gain the final certificate.


    • prepare the contract documents
    • arrange for signing and execution of the building contract documents by the building contractor and owner


    • report regularly to client regarding time, cost and progress of the project
    • visit the site periodically to observe the general conformance of the construction works with the building contract documents and instruct the building contractor regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance in regard to the building contract documents
    • arrange, attend and arrange for recording of site meetings at regular intervals
    • review shop drawings and submissions by the building contractor
    • provide the building contractor with instructions, supplementary details and clarification of the contract documents
    • coordinate the construction services provided by other specialist consultants
    • assess and determine variations and obtain client approvals where required
    • assess and determine the building contractor’s progress claims and issue progress certificates
    • assess the building contractor’s claims for extensions of time
    • adjust prime cost and provisional sums and other monetary sums
    • instruct the building contractor in regard to incomplete work and rectitication of any defects
    • assess and determine practical completion and issue the notice of practical completion

    Post Construction

    • during the defects liability period, instruct the building contractor in regard to incomplete work and rectification of defects
    • if required, advise the client and coordinate the procedure for the rectification of any defective work by others
    • assess and determine final completion and issue the final certificate
  • Other Services

    Many related services are available – if you require something a little different, do not hesitate to ask.