Copper House | Coogee 2011

The copper house in Coogee was designed as a beach holiday retreat. Its site was extremely tight and steep, resulting in a small footprint. Stepping down the hill, the three sections of the building follow the contour. A butterfly roof allows both views and admits winter sun while privacy for its occupants and neighbours is maintained.

A dark concrete slab defines the platform for living, providing a sensuous surface with its hand waxed finish. A steel structure enabled the roof to be constructed first, and all fit out work completed under its shelter. The exterior copper cladding is a response to the coastal location and the effect the salty and humid atmosphere has on surfaces. It has already developed a patina that will only improve with age.

Internal walls of artist canvas speak of its hand made character, as do the many finer details such as leather clad front door handles, which entice one to experience the calm within.

This building was designed to replace an existing 1890's cottage, with aspirations to continue the history of the site for many years forth.

Builder: Mark Loader
Engineer: Partridge Partners
Furniture: Takt + Craft Design Realisation
Images: Shantanu Starick