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Country House | Yambulla 2011-

A project on a remote site of great presence, under the gaze of Yambulla mountain - deep south NSW. Camping on the site revealed dramatic contrasts in atmosphere, from wide open skies, sudden downpours, to experiences of fog lifting gradually during a lazy morning, until it flowed out of the immediate valley as a river of mist.

The design response was to develop an encampment. A series of containers, or pavilions, were inserted into the landscape, following the contour, at a level not too high to reveal the whole of the landscape beyond, but not too low to feel enclosed and introverted in the greater landscape.

Entry to the building is alongside a semi enclosed courtyard, the summer centre of the home, that frames and engages the mountain directly. Another courtyard is the setting for a plunge pool, in a raw concrete water tank, using construction techniques common to the local area.

A southern 'working' verandah links the living, studio and sleeping pavilions, and provides a filter for the southern weather. Along this spine, various services are located, mudroom, laundry, clothes drying, coat and boot storage, all to allow the main pavilions a calm simplicity.

Glazing to north provides both winter sun and upper screened glazing permits a diffuse light to spill into the spaces throughout the year. Light and dark, inside and out, landscape and building, are contrasted and combined in order to allow the inhabitants a unique experience of life in the australian bush.

Materials have been used directly from the site wherever possible - yellow stringybark hardwood and earthen floors feature throughout. The rear entry facade is of stringy bark, left green and stacked as in a lumbar yard, without direct fixings in a way of stewarding the timber for future generations should the need arise.

Builder: Owner with Mark Loader